Dun Morogh Walkthrough

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Starting out in Coldridge Valley

You'll start your career facing a dwarf named Sten Stoutarm, and he's offered you a pair of gloves in return for some wolf meat (Dwarven Outfitters). This one's fast and easy, as well as being a great way to become acquainted with your character's combat skills, so turn around and take out some wolves, any wolves will do. When you've met Sten's quota, head back to him to complete the quest, and accept two more: Coldridge Valley Mail Delivery and Glyphic Memorandum.

Take care of "Glyphic Memorandum" first, it's just a way to introduce you to your class trainer inside Anvilmar (it's a good idea to forego the fancy equipment you can buy here, and buy just about every spell you can, by the way). Look for the yellow blip on your minimap. Next, follow the road west-southwest until you come to Talin Keeneye's encampment. Turns out the mail delivery isnt' for him, but he points you in the right direction, and gives you a quest called The Boar Hunter to kill a dozen or so boars. This is easy enough, there's bunches in the area, so complete this one, do the turn in, and head back to Anvilmar to sell off your inventory. While you're in the Anvilmar area, grab A New Threat from Balir Frosthammer - it's easy to kill off a few requisite troggs when you're in transit.

You should now be of appropriate level to get A Refuge's Quandry from Felix Whindlebolt in Anvilmar. This is a good quest to do while you chip away at Frostmane Troll Whelps in The Troll Cave, a quest you'll get from Grelin when you deliver his mail. Head west across the frozen lake, and you'll encounter one of three troll camps (one of Felix's 3 lost items can be found at each troll camp). Note that these trolls will attack you if you get close enough, they're "aggro" in MMO parlance. So make sure you engage each mob singularly, and pull each mob to a safe location to fight (to avoid roaming aggro mobs). Fight your way in, then double click on Felix's items to recover them. Work your way southeast from camp to camp until you recover all 3 items, and by the time you're finished, you should have "The Troll Cave" completed as well. Speak again to Grelin, and he'll offer you Stolen Journal. We'll get to that in a moment, but first: head back to Anvilmar to sell and train (perhaps you can finish off "A New Threat" on the way, too!).

If you're level 5, you should be able to solo any mob in the troll cave (as long as you fight them singly) and recover Grelin's journal from Grik'nir the Cold. You'll find him in the eastern, more open part of the cave. Go slow and kill each mob as you come to it; you'll be fine. When the journal's yours, head back to Grelin. He has one last Coldridge Valley quest for you called Senir's Observations . Tie up your loose ends in Coldridge, because you won't be back. On your way out, grab the Supplies to Tannock quest from Hands Springsprocket, and fight your way through Coldridge Pass. These troggs shouldn't present a challenge after what you've done, just fight them one at a time (as always!).

Kharanos, Steelgrill Depot, and Brewnall Village / Gnomeregan area

It's time to fill up that quest journal a little. Head northeast to Kharanos (it's a bit of a journey, compared to travelling around cozy little Coldridge). Here, track down the following quests in Kharanos: Beer Basted Boar Ribs , and Tools for Steelgrill. Head east about 50 gnome paces to Steelgrill's Depot, where you'll drop off the Tools for Steelgrill, and can pick up Ammo for Rumbleshot, The Grizzled Den, and Stocking Jetsteam. Kill any boars and bears you come across as you travel for "Jetsteam" and "Boar Ribs"; note that the other component for "Boar Ribs" can be bought in the brewry where you receive the quest. The remaining two quests take you southeast once again towards the Grizzled Cave (see map).

The wendigos that inhabit the cave make for profitable hunting, but if you're interested in the skinning / leatherworking or mining professions, you might want to take a quick trip to Ironforge's central "Great Forge" area to pick up these professions before you head in. Generally speaking, the sooner you shell out the pittance to get started in a profession, the better- backtracking through newbie areas to build skill isn't much fun. Anyway, you can wrap up all your quests by hunting in the Grizzled Cave area with a little patience - just watch for aggrolicious snow leopards! When you're finished, there's one quick quest to wrapup. On the map, you'll see two caves to the northeast; head toward the western one. Tundra MacGrann's Stolen Stash of dried meats was stolen by a huge wendigo called Icebeard, who happens to live in the eastern cave. You can either fight Icebeard (not recommended if you're solo), or just wait till he roams around and run in to retrieve the goods and return them to MacGrann.

Note that the ammo crate for the "Ammo for Rumbleshot" quest is found near the Grizzled Cave (44,56 for those of you with CTMod or other similar addons) - hand off the ammo to Rumbleshot along the road to the south of Kharanos (he stands near the mortar team guys). Head back up to Kharanos to wrap up these quests and get your next assignments.

Ask around town and you'll get Evershine, Operation Recombobulation (this is found in the gnomish house on the north end of town), and Frostmane Hold. All three drive you towards Brewnall Village in western Dun Morogh, where you'll pick up the part 2 of Evershine: A Favor for Evershine, Bitter Rivals, and The Perfect Stout. Note that these quests are fairly challenging, you might want to find a partner to work through them. Nevertheless, "Evershine" and "Recombobulation" find ample targets to the west-northwest of Brewnall Village, and shimmerweed for "Perfect Stout" is found atop Shimmer Ridge to the east. When you're finished, you should be well into level 8 or maybe even 9, and it's time to had back towards Kharanos to do the turn-ins and the "Bitter Rivals" quest. One last trip to Brewnall to finish up the Bitter Rivals quest.

Upon completing "Frostmane Hold", Senir Whitebeard gives you The Reports, which takes you, at long last, into Ironforge proper. A few notes on Ironforge - it's fun to explore, and the Auction House has a lot of good equipment, but the standard advice is this: don't spend too much money in the AH until at least level 20 or so. Reason being, you'll outgrow pre-20 stuff very quickly, and you just don't need it. Once you've had your fill of the capital city, it's time to start working your way towards Loch Modan and the rest of the game.

If you've come this far, you might as well check out the few remaining quests in Dun Morogh. Protecting the Herd is found at Amberstill Ranch, and the denizens there want you to kill a monster to the north by the name of Vagash. Two quests are found at Gol'Bolar Quarry (a good place for beginning miners, by the way): The Public Servant and Those Blasted Troggs, both are relatively short kill tasks inside the quarry. Finally, Captain Hammerfoot at North Gate Outpost lost track of his comrade Mori in The Lost Pilot. Your tasked to find out what's become of him, which subsequently leads to a quest to kill Mangeclaw, an ice claw bear that roams slightly to the south.

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