WoW Eversong Woods Walkthrough

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Starting out in Sunstrider Isle

After a brief cutscene, you will find yourself standing outside the Sunspire. Now would be a great time to adjust your settings using your interface options from the main menu. You should also get comfortable with movement. Directly in front of where you start is Magistrix Erona.

Walk up to Magistrix Erona and right-click on her (notice the golden ! above her head, this means she has a quest for you). She'll give you the quest Reclaiming Sunstrider Isle. You can find the mana worms just beyond the pillars behind you.

Quick Tip: Combat (Click to View)
World of Warcraft has a very simple and easy to understand combat system. There are three things to understand about combat. The first is that you need to stay alive (the red bar in the upper left hand corner shows your health), the second is that you need to kill the enemy (using your skills and melee attack), and the third is that you need to rest after each fight so that you go into each and every fight with no handicaps.

Quick Tip: Buff Skills (Click to View)
Some classes have buff skills that are very helpful during combat. For instance, mages have “Frost Armor” that increases their defense and greatly increases their ability to survive. Before any battle it is always a good idea to make sure these skills are active.

After you have killed the required 8 mana wyrms, head back to Magistrix Erona and turn in the quest. Notice that she now has a yellow ? above her head. This means that you have fulfilled the requirements for a quest that you can turn in to her. If you have problems finding her, look on your mini map. She will be represented by a small yellow dot on the minimap.

By now you should be level 2, congratulations! You are eligible for more quests now. Take the next two quests from Magistrix Erona (Unfortunate Measures and a class-specific quest). Head inside the Sunspire to turn in your class-specific quest at the trainer. You can also see what skills are available. You gain money by selling the loot that drops from the creatures you kill. There is a vendor inside the Sunspire as well. You can pick up the quest Well Watcher Solanian from your class trainer.

A short distance from the trainers inside the Sunspire is a ramp that leads upstairs. You will find Well Watcher Solanian at the top of the ramp. Turn in the quest Well Watcher Solanian (you will be rewarded for speaking with him with a new 4 slot bag) and pick up the two quests Solanian's Belongings and The Shrine of Dath'Remar. Afterwards, head back down the ramp and out of the Sunspire. To your right is a small building. You can pick up a few more quests there.

Quick Tip: Inventory Space (Click to View)
Most quest items go directly into your inventory. You will probably be running out of inventory space soon, so it’s always a good idea to make sure your inventory has plenty of space before heading out into battle. Later on you can purchase bags which increase the space in your inventory. You may also find small pouches as loot off creatures you have killed.

Arcanist Ithanas will give you the quest A Fistful of Slivers. On the other side of the building, Arcanist Helion will give you the quest Thirst Undending.

You should now have 5 quests in your quest log. You can check your quest log at any time either by hitting the "L" button or by clicking on the quest log icon in your taskbar. Head west from the building that the arcanists are in and you will come across some mana wyrms and a few lynxes. You can kill the mana wyrms to gain the arcane slivers needed. Use mana tap on these when possible to complete the Thirst Unending quest as well. The lynxes are called Springpaws and you need to collect collars from them for the quest Unfortunate Measures. The quest items (arcane slivers and lynx collars) may not drop off of every kill. Keep trying until you get all that you need.

Quick Tip: Sharing the World (Click to View)
World of Warcraft has an ongoing persistent world that you share with other players. While fighting these mana wyrms and lynxes you may find other players fighting them as well. Anytime a player attacks an enemy first, that enemy is effectively “tagged” as theirs (with its name going grey). This means that if you attack it you will get no XP for it and only helping them. Don’t worry though, as most non-boss enemies respawn near instantly so there should always be plenty of enemies for you to slay.

Once you have finished the three quests to collect arcane slivers return to the arcanists to turn in the two quests there, then return to Magistrix Erona and turn in the lynx collars. You can pick up the quest Report to Lanthan Perilon from her now. You might want to sell any extra items you have picked up now as well.

South of the Sunspire, you will find a platform with a large evil-looking glowing crystal floating above it. Right-click on Solanian's Journal on the floor of the platform near the crystal. This is the first of three belongings you need for the quest Solanian's Belongings. Head west from that platform until you come across a set of stairs. At the top of those steps you will find Lanthon Perilon. From him, you can pick up the quest Aggression.

West of Lanthan, you will see another platform, this one with a water-fountain on it. It is surrounded by the tenders and feral tenders you need for the quest Aggression.

Quick Tip: Aggresive Enemies (Click to View)
Enemies that have yellow names are considered “neutral” while enemies with red names are “aggressive”. This means that they will attack you as soon as they see you. Each enemy has a different range in which they will attack, so be careful around them! Often times you can be overwhelmed with aggressive enemies if you are not careful.

Before now you should be pretty secure with the enemies you fight, as long as you didn’t attack too many. With aggressive enemies, though, it is different. They can bunch up on you without you realizing it. So you may have a situation where you can’t flee, you can’t fight, and even though your cause is noble, you can’t continue. When you character falls (its hit points reaching zero) your spirit will resurrect at a nearby graveyard. You have two options, one is to spirit rez (giving you a death debuff for 10 minutes after so much use) and the other is to go to your corpse and resurrect there. Either way, you do not lose XP. You only lose 10% durability to all items, which can be fixed with coin.

On the floor of the platform, you will find the green glowing Scroll of Scourge Magic. The shrine of Dath'Remar lies just Northwest of this platform. You will need to go click on the plaque on the shrine to fulfill one of your quests.

You will find a small pond southeast of the water fountain platform. The last requirement for Solanian's Belongings is on the platform at this pond. It is a red orb on top of a pedestal. You will now have completed the three quests in your quest log. Head north back to Lanthan to turn in your quest.

Lanthan will give you the quest Felendren the Banished. Since you should be level 4 by now, I suggest heading back to the Sunspire to turn in your quests to Well Watcher Solanian, empty your bags and pick up your next set of skills.

After you finish up at the Sunspire, head southwest to reach the Faltherian Academy. It is there you will find the creatures to fulfill your last quest. Felendren can be found at the very peak of the academy. While there, you may loot a tainted arcane sliver. This begins the quest Tainted Arcane Sliver.

After you finish up the quest at the Academy, head back Lanthan, turn in the quest and pick up the quest Aiding the Outrunners. After speaking with Lanthan, head back to Arcanist Helion near the Sunspire and turn in the tainted sliver quest.

You are now finished with the quests on Sunstrider Isle and should head towards the ruins of Silvermoon and Eversong Woods to the south.

A bridge connects Sunstrider Isle to Eversong Woods. On the other side of the bridge, you will find Outrunner Alarion. Turn in Aiding the Outrunners and pick up the Slain by the Wretched quest. You will find the slain Outrunner just on the other side of the pillars leading into the city. She will have a ? above her head, this indicates that you may complete a quest with her. After you receive the package from her body, turn around and return to Outrunner Alarion. After speaking with her again, turn back around and follow the road into Falconwing Square.

You can pick up the quest Major Malfunction from Magister Jaronis in the center of the square. At the entrance to the building to the left, you can find Aeldon Sunbrand, captain of the Blood Hawks. He will give you the quest Unstable Mana Crystals. Just to the right of Aeldon, is a sign that announces the bounty quest Wanted: Thaelis the Hungerer.

The inn is in the SE corner of the square. Inside you can set your hearthstone (the innkeeper will explain how to make your home there) by speaking with the innkeeper, and turn in the quest Completing the Delivery. You can find some class trainers and learn first aid and cooking upstairs in the inn as well.

Quick Tip: Rested EXP/Inns (Click to View)
World of Warcraft rewards those who take a break. Anytime you log out in an Inn you will start earning rested experience. This rested exp gives you double exp on all enemies you slay until it has depleted. So anytime you take a break, technically you are earning XP as well! So be sure to take frequent breaks and log out in an inn (use your hearthstone for quick and easy access, it is in your inventory).

Now is a good time to look around the square. Sell any items that you need to sell, find out where your trainer is. Don't buy too much, you'll get most of the gear you need from quests and as drops for a while. You will need the money for skills.

You should have three quests in your quest log. These three quests can be finished within the ruins of Silvermoon (which is where you are). North of Falconwing Square, you wll find Feth's Way. Along and on either side of the road, you can find the crates that hold the unstable mana crystals. They look like crates with light coming out of them. You can find the arcane patrollers as well, and can pick up the arcane cores from there.

Quick Tip: Quest Efficiency (Click to View)
Quest efficiency is very important in keeping your progress through the game as fast as possible. Sometimes there will be a group of quests for the same enemies that can be completed all at once. That’s why you should pick up as many quests as possible before heading out into a dungeon or an enemy encampment.

A building called the Common's Hall is inside the ruins, on the same side of the bridge as Feth's Way. You can find the level 6 humanoid Thaelis the Hungerer there. After you have collected all of the mana crystals and Arcane cores, as well as Thaelis' head, head back to Falconwing Square and turn in your quests.. You should get the quest Darnassian Intrusions from Aeldon Sunbrand. You can get the quest Delivery to the North Sanctum from Magister Jaronis.

The North Sanctum is not far from the south gate of Falconwing Square. Turn in the quest Delivery to the North Sanctum and pick up the quest Malfunction at the West Sanctum. You now have two quests at the West Sanctum, so head there next.

Along the road, on your way to the West Sanctum, you will come across Apprentice Ralen, standing beside a disheveled cart. You can pick up the quest Roadside Ambush from him. As you follow along the road, you will see Apprentice Meledor before the bridge on the left. Turn in the quest and take the short swim he asks of you to retrieve the book. You can find it in the water under the bridge. Return to Apprentice Meledor and complete the quest. Accept the quest Taking the Fall from him as well. Afterward, continue back along the road the way you came until you come to a fork in the road. Take the road leading west.

Continue west until you come to the West Sanctum. You can turn in the quest Malfunction at the West Sanctum to the Ley-Keeper, and pick up the quest Arcane Instability. Head towards the sanctum and begin killing the mana creatures there. You will find the Darnassian Scout skittering along the edges of the sanctum. Kill him as well and read the Incriminating Documents that he drops.

Once you have killed the required mana creatures and the Darnassian scout, return to the Ley-Keeper to turn in your quests. You now have only two quests left in your quest log and should return to Falconwing Square. If you remembered to set your hearthstone at the inn, the fastest way would be to hearth back to the inn. Otherwise, run along the road back to the square.

Turn in the Incriminating Documents quest to Aeldon Sunbrand. This might also be a good time to buy any skills and vendor items. After you are finished, head to the North Sanctum. It is time to trick a dwarf.

Once at the North Sanctum, speak with Prospector Anvilward. You will have to use the chat bubble option twice to complete the quest. Follow him inside the building and up the ramp, where he will realize you tricked him and attack you. Take his head back to Aeldon in Falconwing Square. He will reward you, then send you on the quest Fairbreeze Village, the name of the next quest hub.

Head back out the gate and into Eversong Woods. Turn left immediately outside the gate. Follow the wall until you come to the Dead scar. Pick up the quest The Dead Scar from Ranger Jaela. The Pillagers are skeletons that can be found south of the Ranger in the Dead Scar. Return to Ranger Jaela to turn in the quest when you are finished.

Now head back towards the road that leads out of Falconwing Square. Head south along it until you reach Fairbreeze Village. As soon as you enter the village, you may see Velan Brightoak to the left. He will give you the quest Pelt Collection. Magistrix Landra Dawnstrider will give you the quest The Wayward Apprentice.

Go up the ramp to the right of the Magistrix and you will find Ranger Degolien. You may turn in your Fairbreeze Village quest to him and pick up Situation at Sunsail Anchorage. Some quests at Fairbreeze Village are inaccessible until level 8. If you have turned level 8 already, then you can also pick up the quest Saltheril's Haven from the magistrix, as well as Ranger Sareyn and The Scorched Grove from the npcs inside the building behind her.

Head west out of Fairbreeze Village, killing the Springpaw Lynxes along the way. You will eventually come across Saltheril's Haven. Go inside the building and speak to Lord Saltheril to turn in the quest Saltheril's Haven and pick up the quest The Party Never Ends. Follow the road west out of the Haven. You will see a small camp just to the right of the road before you get to Sunsail Anchorage. Pick up the quests Lost Armaments and Grimscale Pirates from there. Then head down the road to the Anchorage.

You will find the Sin'dorei Armaments inside weapon containers scattered throughout the harborage. You should also kill the wretched thugs and hooligan there for the Situation at Sunsail Anchorage quest. After you collect all of the armaments, head back to the camp to turn it in. You can then get the quest Wretched Ringleader. Aldaron can be found at the top of the building at Sunsail Anchorage.

Quick Tip: Treasure Chests (Click to View)
Scattered throughout the world, generally in an enemy's camp (where it is surrounded) you will find treasure chests. These chests usually hold some coins, crafting materials and often green and sometimes blue items. It's a good idea to open these chests when possible and take what is inside.

Once you are finished at the Anchorage, head across the river to the north and go behind the mountains on the other side. It's time to go murloc hunting.

You will see a small tent, and Hathvelion Sungaze is standing next to it. He will give you the quest Fish Heads, Fish Heads. The murlocs are located down along the shoreline of the nearby Tranquil Shore. Remember, murlocs are known for swarming those attacking them and are pretty dirty fighters. Return to Hathvelion when you have completed the quest.

Hathvelion will next give you the quest The Ring of Mmmrrrggglll. You can find him among the murlocs southwest of there. You can also find Captain Kelisandra's Cargo both on dead murlocs and in barrels scattered among their huts. When you are finished, return to Hathvelion and turn in the ring quest, then return to the camp east of the anchorage and turn in those quests. You may have picked up a scroll as loot off one of the murlocs that will give you the quest Captain Kelisendra's Lost Rudders. Return that quest as well to her as well.

There's a road that leads south of the anchorage; take it through Goldenbough pass until you come to a building that looks a bit like a small spire. Inside, you can find Larianna Riverwind. She will give you the quest A Somber Task. You can find the Withered Green Keepers in the Scorched Grove to the south. These Keepers are levels 9 and 10. If you feel you can't do this quest at the moment, you can always come back to it later. After the green keepers have been slain, return to Larianna and turn in the quest.

Now might be a good time to return to Fairbreeze Village. Turn in quests there, vendor items, buy new skills, or anything else that you might need to do. After completing the Sunsail quest, you can pick up the quest Farstrider Retreat. Don't forget to pick up the fireworks from Halis Dawnstrider while you're here. When you are finished, head east out of the village.

You will find Ranger Sareyn on the left side of the road. She will give you the quest Defending Fairbreeze Village. You can find the Dead Scar east of Ranger Sareyn. After killing the required undead, return to Ranger Sareyn and pick up the quest Runewarden Deryan.

Head back the way you came, but this time, follow the mountain around towards the border of the Ghostlands and Eversong Woods. You will see Runestone Falithas and will find Runewarden Deryan next to it. He will give you the quest Powering our Defenses.

Northeast of the Runestone, across the dead scar you will eventually come across Runestone Shan'dor. Place the infused crystal next to it (by right-clicking on the crystal in your backpack). You will have waves of wraiths attacking the crystal. This might be a good quest to have a friend along with. You don't actually have to kill all of the wraiths, you just have to fight them long enough to let the crystal energize. Text will appear across your screen when you have waited long enough. Return to Runewarden Deryan when you've completed.

You should head to the East Sanctum next. It is located on the east side of the Dead scar just south of the river that divides Eversong Woods. You will find Apprentice Mirveda there. She will give you the quest Corrupted Soil. The soil can be found nearby in the Dead Scar. They are piles of dirt with green fumes coming off them. Return to Apprentice Mirveda after you have collected them all. Wait a short amount of time until the yellow ! comes above her head and then pick up the quest Unexpected Results. She will be attacked by three mobs. Help her to kill them.

Afterwards, follow the Dead Scar north (over the river and through the woods). You will eventually see a small pond called Stillwhisper Pond. On the edge of the pond, you will find Instructor Antheol. Turn in the quest Taking the Fall and accept the quest Swift Discipline. Now is probably a good time to head to Silvermoon City, since you are right beside it. Train, sell, bank, do what needs done. Also, make sure to stop by the inn and pick up the suntouched special reserve from Vinemaster Suntouched.

After you have finished up in the city, head southeast out town and go to Farstrider Retreat. Turn in the Farstrider Retreat quest, and pick up Amani Encroachment. You can also pick up The Spearcrafter's Hammer and The Magister's Apprentice.

Northeast of Farstrider Retreat, you will find Apprentice Loralthalis. Pick up the quests Deactivating the Spire and Where's Wyllithen from her.

Wyllithen is on a moon-shaped platform on the road north of Apprentice Loralthalis. He will enlist your help in Cleaning Up the Grounds. The mana serpents and ether fiends are everywhere, so you won't have problems finding them. On the way to Wyllithen, you will have passed a set of stairs leading to a platform with a translocation orb on top. That orb will take you to the place where you can find the power sources - Duskwither Spire.

Quick Tip: Translocation Orbs (Click to View)
Translocation Orbs are the most common method of long-distance travel for blood elves. There is a translocation orb inside Silvermoon City that will transport you to the Undercity. The translocation orb at Duskwither Spire will transport you to and away from the Spire. Use caution when using a translocation orb that you have not used before. You may end up somewhere you'd rather not be.

In the room that holds the second power source, pick up Magister Duskwither's journal off the table. After you deactivate all of the power sources, take the translocation orb at the top to get back down. Then return to Wyllithen when you have finished all of the requirements for Cleaning the Grounds. Return to Apprentice Loralthalis before heading back to Farstrider Retreat.

You may want to pick up your Springpaw Appetizers from Zalene Firstlight when you get back to the Retreat, so that you don't forget to later. Turn in all of your quests and sell things if needed.

The Amani troll encampment is Southeast of the retreat. It is called Tor'watha. Inside a cage in the village is Ven'jashi, he will give you the quest Zul'Marosh. Spearcrafter Otembe is not far from that cage.

Zul'Marosh is up the hill and across Lake Elrendar. he is inside the big hut at Zeb'watha and has a few friends with him. He also drops the quest item Amani Invasion Plans. Make sure to drop off Zul'Marosh's head to the guy in the cage before leaving the village, then head back to Farstrider Retreat.

Turn in your quests there, then follow the road that runs in front of Silvermoon City back to Fairbreeze Village. Punish the apprentices by right-clicking on the disciplinary rod while having the apprentice targeted. Head back to Stillwhisper Pond, turn in the quest, then head to Fairbreeze Village. You can pick up Missing in the Ghostlands from Magistrix Landra Dawnstrider, and don't forget to stop by Satheril's Haven and turn in the quest The Party Never Ends.

From here, head towards the Ghostlands. That's your next destination, having completed all there is to do for these levels in Eversong Woods! Congratulations, you should now be approaching level 12 and ready for much more dangerous adventures!

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